Milieu Color Samples – Simplifying Your Quest for the Ideal Paint Tones

Explore the innovative use of wall-adhesive color samples as a groundbreaking method for discovering the perfect color scheme for your home. Maximize the benefits of color samples with these helpful tips.

Milieu Color Samples – Simplifying Your Quest for the Ideal Paint Tones
Milieu Color Samples – Simplifying Your Quest for the Ideal Paint Tones

Forget expensive paint sample pots, test patches that make your walls look spotty, and tiny paper swatches. The era of choosing paint shades has entered a new phase; Milieu color samples are A4-sized repositionable stickers painted with authentic Milieu paint. This makes it easy to select the perfect shades. We've gathered a few tips to help you in choosing and using these color samples.

Capture Atmospheres

Collect some reference images that resonate with you or browse our pages for inspiration. Examine the color tones used in the images and how they are combined. Consider what color palette and atmosphere would suit your home. Compare your reference images with our color palette and order the desired color samples. It's advisable to choose several similar shades so you can compare them side by side – by juxtaposing multiple options, you'll find the shades that fit your home perfectly.

A4 sävymallit ovat maalattu oikealla Milieu-maalilla

A4 color samples are painted with Milieu paint


Examine Color Samples at Different Times of the Day 

Every home and its various rooms have different lighting conditions. A north-facing space may need warmer tones on the walls, while a west-facing room bathes in warm evening light. The same shade can look very different in the morning compared to the evening. In artificial light, tones may appear warmer or cooler depending on the light bulb. Take your time to study colors at different times of the day and on different walls. The repositionable color samples can be moved from one wall to another without leaving traces.


Tarrataustaiset A4 sävymallit ovat helpoin tapa löytää mieleisesi seinämaalin sävy

We developed A4-sized color samples with adhesive backing that you can attach directly to the wall


Evaluate Colors in Relation to Current Elements

Try placing color samples next to existing elements in the room: beside the baseboard, at the ceiling line, on the window wall, or next to furniture. Note that a darker shade brings out details like moldings, windows, and door openings, adding structure to the space. A lighter shade creates a softer atmosphere. Behind furniture, the paint color can either fade or emphasize their shapes, or unify them to create a calming effect.


Observe how natural light interacts with different shades


Trust Your Instincts 

To ensure a lasting result, it's crucial to find shades that you enjoy. Not necessarily the trendiest ones, but those that reflect your personality. Shades that frame your everyday life. So, trust yourself and remember that you can always refresh your home's style with paint. Each experiment brings you closer to finding your own style.

A.S.Helsingö Milieu Paint

Your home should look and feel like you, we suggest you take as much time as you need for finding the right shade


Check the Final Shade   

Once you've found suitable shades, ordered the paints, and painted the walls, it's time to check the shade. Before removing the tape, verify with a color sample that there are enough paint layers. The color samples are painted with authentic Milieu paint, providing an accurate representation of the desired shade. When the color sample and the dried paint on the wall match, you can remove the tape and enjoy the beautiful result.

A.S.Helsingö Milieu Paint

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Embrace a new era of paint selection with Milieu's A4-sized color samples—repositionable stickers painted with authentic Milieu paint. Capture atmospheres and compare shades side by side to find the perfect tones for your space. Examine colors at different times of the day, evaluating how they interact with natural and artificial light. Trust your instincts and choose shades that reflect your personality, framing your everyday life. Once you've found the ideal shades, ordered the paints, and adorned your walls, use a Milieu color sample to verify the final shade before removing the tape. Enjoy a hassle-free and precise approach to creating a space that truly feels like home.