Milieu colour swatches – the easiest way to find the perfect shades

Adhesive colour swatches are a new, revolutionary way to find the perfect colour scheme for your home. Get the most out of our colour swatches with these tips.

Milieu colour swatches – the easiest way to find the perfect shades
Milieu colour swatches – the easiest way to find the perfect shades

Forget expensive paint sample tins, walls full of test shades, and colour samples that are too small. The choice of shades has entered a new era; A4-sized Milieu adhesive colour swatches are painted with real Milieu paint and can easily be moved from wall to wall. That’s why they make it so easy to choose the perfect shades for your home. Here we have put together a few tips to help you pick which colour swatches to order and how to use them.

Sketch atmospheres

Find some reference pictures that appeal to you or find inspiration on our site. Think about what colour scheme and what kind of atmosphere would suit your home. Compare your reference pictures with our colour palette and order the colour swatches you’d like to try at home. We recommend ordering several similar shades so that you can compare them side by side – by doing this you'll find the perfect colours for your home.

Look at the swatches during different times of the day

Every home and its rooms have different lighting. Rooms facing north may require a warmer shade on the walls, while a space facing west bathes in warm light during the evenings. The same colour can also look very different in the morning compared to the evening. In artificial light, on the other hand, shades can appear warmer or colder depending on the light bulbs used in the room. It's important to take your time to look at the colours during different times of the day and on various walls. Our peel-and-stick colour swatches can easily be moved from one wall to another without leaving any traces.

Milieu colour swatch on wall
We created A4-sized adhesive colour swatches, that you can stick straight on the wall.

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See how the colours work with other elements in the room

Test how the colour swatches look next to existing elements in the room you’re planning to paint, such as the baseboard, ceiling, window wall or furniture. A darker shade creates structure in the room by highlighting the mouldings, windows, and doorways. In turn, a lighter colour contributes to a softer atmosphere. Colours can also emphasise or soften the shapes of furniture when you paint the walls behind them. They can tie together the interior as well and create a harmonious feel.

Trust yourself

It’s important to find shades you like to create a colour scheme that you’ll enjoy for a long time. Not the trendiest, but the ones that reflect your personality and create the frame for your everyday life. So remember to trust yourself and that you can always renew your home by painting it in new colours. Each experiment is a step closer to finding your style. 

Milieu colour swatches

The colour swatches are painted with actual Milieu paint. 

Check the final colour

When you have found the right colours, ordered the paint, and painted the walls, it’s time to check the shades. Use a colour swatch to ensure you have painted enough layers before removing the masking tape. The colour swatches are painted with Milieu paint and therefore give an accurate picture of the desired colour. When the shade of the colour swatch and the dried paint on the wall are the same, you can remove the tape and enjoy the beautiful outcome. Buy Milieu colour swatches here.