My Milieu – Dancer Choreographer Emrecan Tanis

Dancer Choregrapher Emrecan finds inspiration in the dynamic dance of smoke clouds from Suvilahti's pipes, a constant source of wonder in his high-rise abode. Emrecan's work confronts life's truths, embracing the beauty found amidst light and shadow.

My Milieu – Dancer Choreographer Emrecan Tanis
My Milieu – Dancer Choreographer Emrecan Tanis

Emrecan, What is your Milieu like?

I reside in Kallio and my apartment is situated considerable high, granting me a sweeping view of my surroundings. In a distance, I can see two pipes from Suvilahti, emitting clouds of smoke especially when the weather is cold. I like to watch how the smoke travels across the sky. I find it intriguing since you never know how the smoke behaves, it is so random, constantly forming shape after shape.

As someone who easily grows bored and seeks new experiences, I like the dynamic nature of the smoke. The dancing smoke never fails to surprise me; it's ever-changing and beautiful, especially on early spring mornings. During the nighttime, the smoke takes on a different character, resembling artificial clouds that drift aimlessly. The smoke is an infinite source of inspiration and reminds me of the beauty found in the unexpected, offering a unique perspective on the world around me.

Pitcture by: Emrecan

Picture by: @soulfulmovement_


What is relationship with colors and what kind of atmospheres do you aim to convey through your choice of colors?

I'm not one to incorporate colors into my living spaces. In the past, I've been somewhat hesitant to use them, fearing that my spaces might end up looking too flashy or cheesy. However, when it came to renovating my kitchen, I decided to take a bold step and opt for a Petrol Blue color scheme.

The decision-making process was lengthy, and I sought the advice of a friend who is a design professional before making the final choice. Ultimately, I felt that the Petrol Blue kitchen added personality to my home.

Currently, I share my living space with my partner, who is a fashion designer. I trust her taste implicitly, and her input has been invaluable in all aspects of our home's design.

Pitcture by: Berkay Engin

Picture by: Berkay Engin 


What have you been inspired by lately?

Well, whenever I find myself in the process of creating a new piece, my mind naturally drifts to the stage. It's like a canvas awaiting the strokes of light, color, shape, and mood. I delve into the intricacies of lighting, contemplating its direction and the profound influence it exerts. Lighting in general is a huge source of inspiration since it creates the look and the feel of the story.

The stories I convey through movement always reflect my experiences in daily life. Incidents of human experience serve as natural catalysts for the creative process. A few years ago, I stumbled upon a quote by Tolstoy that captivated me. Even then, the timeless Eastern fable resonated deeply with me. Following a recent loss within the family, I revisited it, and the story took on a whole new meaning.

Picture by: Isma Valkama 

Picture by: @nilsgustav 


The imagery of the traveler facing inevitable peril speaks volumes about mortality and the fleeting nature of existence. As I contemplate the metaphorical significance of the white and black mice gnawing away at the branch of life, alongside the looming presence of the dragon of death, I find myself grappling with profound existential questions.

In my creative journey, I refuse to shy away from life's deepest truths. Instead, I embrace the darkness, weaving together threads of light and shadow to create works that resonate with audiences on a profound emotional level.

Ultimately, my art serves as a testament to the power of confronting life's truths and finding beauty amidst the shadows.

                  Picture by: @roosaoksaharju

Emrecan's Milieu Shades: 

024 Medici Blue

021 Water Green