A.S.Helsingö Vass built-in wardrobe in sunday greige colour in bedroom

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Unique designs and carpenter crafted woodwork

Combine our doors with IKEA's cabinet frames for unique wardrobes at attractive prices

Carpenter woodwork with handcrafted details

Unique designs by Scandinavian creators

Reasonably priced. Built on IKEA PAX frames.

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Carpenter doors on IKEA frames

Great value for money
A.S.Helsingö wardrobes are based on IKEA PAX cabinet frames

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Wardrobe FAQs

You can easily buy your wardrobe from our online shop. Our design tool allows you to create a closet that looks and feels like you in a couple of seconds.

Can't find what you're looking for in our online shop? Don't worry! You can always get in touch with our planning service, where our product architects help you find a solution tailored for your home. Kindly note that for custom solutions, you need to make an IKEA plan for your wardrobe. 

The delivery time for our made-to-order products (doors, sides and plinths) is normally 5-7 weeks.

When your products are ready to be shipped, our logistics partner will contact you to agree on an exact delivery time.

We deliver wardrobes to all EU countries (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden) as well as Norway and Switzerland.

A.S.Helsingö wardrobes are built on IKEA PAX cabinet frames. Therefore, you need to buy the frame, hinges and interior fittings from IKEA. From us, you'll buy all the visible parts for your wardrobe. 

When you buy your wardrobe from our online shop, you'll automatically receive a shopping list of all the needed IKEA parts together with your order confirmation. Kindly note that the list doesn't include the interior fittings.

If you plan a custom solution at IKEA, the IKEA products list is included in your IKEA plan.

For you A.S.Helsingö built-in wardrobe, you will also need to but screws.

Assembling A.S.Helsingö free standing wardrobes is easy when you follow the mounting instructions that come with the product. Download mounting instruction based on model below.

Ingarö, Samsö, Ensiö - installation instructions

Lalax - installation instructions

VASS - installation instructions

Kindly note that our assembly instructions are style specific, not model specific. You'll find the style of your wardrobe from your order confirmation.

You can choose between a 50 cm and 100 cm wide frame from IKEA when you buy a wardrobe in the Plain-style. Kindly note that the 100 cm frame is always listed on the shoppinglist you get with your order confirmation, but you can buy the narrower frame at IKEA. 

The frames are always 50 cm wide in the Spacer panel-style wardrobes.