How to shop our kitchens

Create an A.S.Helsingö kitchen in three easy steps
1. Find your favourite
2. Make an IKEA plan
3. Finalise the design with us
1. Find your favourite

Start your project by exploring our product selection to find the right combination for your home. Get to know our kitchen collection, order colour samples and find inspiration from our various customer projects on our website or on social media.

If you're still unsure how to move forward, you can also book an online meeting with us.

2. Make an IKEA Plan

As our kitchens are built on IKEA's cabinet frames, you need to create a technical plan for your kitchen at IKEA. You can plan the kitchen yourself or get help from IKEA's kitchen experts who'll help you land on the most functional solutions to make your everyday life a little better.

When your plan is ready, download the pdf version of the plan from the IKEA program or ask your kitchen specialist for it. Please make sure that the plan includes all parts of the kitchen (including doors, cover panels, plinths, pulls, tap, sink and worktop).

3. Finalise the design with us

After your IKEA plan is ready, it's time to finalise your kitchen. Go to our Planning service and choose your kitchen model, colours, and accessories.

Based on your selections and IKEA plan, we'll create a shopping cart for the A.S.Helsingö products you need. We'll also provide you with installation instructions for your kitchen. Following this, be sure to order the IKEA products so that you have everything you need waiting at home for installation.

As part of the service, you can also book a video meeting with us if you're still uncertain about the choices

Happy planning!