Planning and Ordering Service
Planning and Ordering Service

The service includes:

Selecting the product, material, and colour combinations for your kitchen or wardrobe.

Creating a 2D visualisation of your kitchen based on your IKEA plan.

An optional 30-minute meeting with a product architect – held online or at the showroom.

A pre-filled shopping cart.

The service costs 59€ and is fully refundable after you’ve placed your order.

Choose a product and model

Start by selecting the product you are planning and the model you are considering for your kitchen or wardrobe.

Choose "other" if you are only ordering a worktop.

Natural White
Feather Grey
Ivory Beige
Amager Grey
Thermal Grey
Linen Brown
Sunday Greige
Dusty Rose
Ash Green
Granite Green
Petrol Blue
Natural Oak
White Oak
Smoke Oak
Natural Walnut
Misty Ash
Clay Ash
Polar Ash
Misty Ash/Nаtural White
Misty Ash/Amаger Grey
Clay Ash/Nаtural White
Clay Ash/Amаger Grey
Polar Ash/Nаtural White
Polar Ash/Amаger Grey
Other color
Bagel Aluminium
Bagel Brass
Bagel Black
Bagel Copper
Bagel Mini Aluminium
Bagel Mini Brass
Bagel Mini Black
Bagel Mini Copper
Candy Black
Candy Old Rose
Candy Spotty White
Novel Aluminium
Novel Black
Novel Brass
Novel Copper
Novel Mini Aluminium
Novel Mini Black Aluminium
Novel Mini Brass
Novel Mini Copper
Parasol Aluminium
Parasol Black
Parasol Brass
Parasol Copper
Other handle
Pool 60 Steel
Pool 60 Brass
Pool 60 Copper
Pool 60 Black Crome
Pond 60 Steel
Pond 60 Brass
Pond 60 Copper
Pond 60 Black Crome
Subline 500 - U Anthracite
Subline 500 - U White
Other sink
Jura Grey Limestone
Jura Beige Limestone
Carrara Marble
Verde Guatemala Marble
Colonial White Granite
Super White Quarzt
Calacatta Goldlight Quartz
Helios Quarzt
London Grey Quarzt
Frosty Carrina Quartz
Shitake Quartz
Clamshell Quartz
Turbine Gray Quartz
Moorland Fog Quartz
Bianco Drift Quartz
Beton Ceramics
Rem Ceramics
Arga Ceramics
Taga Ceramics
Bergen Ceramics
Danae Ceramics
Storm Negro Natural Ceramics
Other stonetop
Tapwell EVO 180 Matte black
Tapwell EVO 180 Black chrome
Tapwell EVO 180 Chrome
Tapwell EVO 180 Copper
Tapwell EVO 180 Brass
Tapwell EVO 184 Matte black
Tapwell EVO 184 Black chrome
Tapwell EVO 184 Chrome
Tapwell EVO 184 Copper
Tapwell EVO 184 Brass
Tapwell EVO 984 Matte black
Tapwell EVO 984 Black chrome
Tapwell EVO 984 Chrome
Tapwell EVO 984 Copper
Tapwell EVO 984 Brass
Tapwell EVO 980 Matte black
Tapwell EVO 980 Black chrome
Tapwell EVO 980 Chrome
Tapwell EVO 980 Copper
Tapwell EVO 980 Brass
Tapwell Fme 184 Chrome
Tapwell Fme 184 Brass
Other tap
Choose your design

It’s time to make your space truly yours.

Select the design details from our collections. If you’re still unsure of your decision, don’t worry. You’ll be able to confirm your selection later.

Upload your Ikea plan (optional)
Drag and drop you IKEA plan (pdf) here
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Please make sure that your IKEA plan includes IKEA’s doors, cover panels, and plinths as well as all images and the product list.
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Upload your IKEA plan

Upload your final IKEA plan as a PDF file, including the product list and all images.

Kindly note that your IKEA plan should include IKEA's doors, cover panels and plinths as placeholders. See an example of the right format. 

Your message
Uploaded file
Send us your plan

You’re almost there.

Once you’ve submitted your plan, our product architect will review it and get in touch with you. You should hear from us within the next couple of days.

If you would like to discuss your plan in more detail, you can book a 30-minute meeting with us after the payment is made. You will find a link to the meeting calendar in the order confirmation sent to you by email.

Fully refundable after your order
59 €