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1. Find your favourite

Start by exploring our selection to find the right combination for your home.

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2. Create your IKEA kitchen plan

Plan your kitchen by yourself using the Ikea Kitchen Planner or together with Ikea's kitchen designers.

Upload your plan into our Price Calculator for an immediate price estimate of our products.

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3. Choose the A.S.Helsingö products with us

Our product architects will help you choose the perfect visual style for your kitchen based on your IKEA plan. Shop online with ease.

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Frequently asked questions

The delivery time for our made-to-order products (doors, sides and plinths) is 5-7 weeks. The handles, sinks and taps are delivered as part of your kitchen order.

The delivery time for our worktops is 2-7 weeks, depending on the material. Worktops are measured when the kitchen frame is installed. Our worktops are ordered as part of your A.S.Helsingö kitchen order.

Yes. our kitchens use Ikea's METOD cabinet frames. That why you creeate an IKEA kitchen plan and purchase the cabinet frames and interiors according to the IKEA plan.

We provide all visible elements: doors, handles, worktops, sinks, taps, cover panels and plinths.

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Yes, our experience product architects are happy to support you in choosing the visual appearance. Since our kitchens are built on Ikea's METOD cabinet frames, they need your finalized IKEA kitchen plan.

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We recommend IKEA's local partners or other installation companies with experience in installing IKEA kitchens. You can also install your kitchen yourself or use renovators of your choice.

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Absolutely. If you already have a METOD or FAKTUM kitchen from IKEA, you can simply change the doors, cover panels and plinths.