Paint supplies

High-quality tools are key to a beautiful finish. That's why our supplies are explicitly developed for Milieu paints together with painting professionals.

Frequently asked questions

We have put together a high-quality 9-piece supply set to make painting as easy as possible for you and to ensure that you achieve a beautiful result. 

The Essentials Kit contains all the supplies you need for painting a single wall, a whole room, or a ceiling. It includes a big and small roller, roller frames for them, an extension pole, a paintbrush, painter’s tape, self-adhesive masking paper, and a paint tray. 

We have also put together a smaller 5-piece kit containing everything your friend needs when helping you out. The Support Kit is also perfect for executing the smaller painting projects in your home. It contains a big roller and a frame for it, painter’s tape, a brush, and a paint tray.

Our paint supplies have been developed explicitly for Milieu paints together with painting professionals to achieve the best outcome.

High-quality painting supplies are key to a beautiful result. Poor quality supplies and the wrong kind of supplies can ruin the outcome, even if the paint is high-quality. The longevity of the supplies is also worth considering, as it is with all purchases you make. Correctly maintained, high-quality painting supplies can be used for years, saving both money and effort in future projects, as well as natural resources.

Our painting supplies are designed to last. As long as you wash them properly and take good care of them, you can use them for years.