Practical Perimeters: 5 Storage Concepts Around Your Bed

Elevate your bedroom with A.S.Helsingö's ingenious storage designs. From utilizing corners for bonus storage to crafting personalized reading nooks and space-efficient libraries, our architects redefine functionality with aesthetics.

Practical Perimeters: 5 Storage Concepts Around Your Bed
Practical Perimeters: 5 Storage Concepts Around Your Bed

Tired of blank corners or makeshift storage solutions? Let's tackle that bedroom challenge head-on. Check out this innovative project where every inch is put to good use. See closely: seamlessly extending from the headboard, a Ikea frames becomes a bonus storage haven. Cloaked in our natural oak side panels, it effortlessly melds into the decor, matching the serene shade on the walls. The result? A visually striking and harmonious tone-on-tone effect that brings a sense of calm.

A.S.Helsingö Ensiö Wardrobes in Feather Grey

A.S.Helsingö Ensiö wardrobe in Feather grey 


Maximice your space 

In our considerations of the bedroom, we often overlook a crucial aspect – a dedicated space for reading, writing, or pursuing personal passions. Some might deem it excessive, but within the most intimate space of our homes, having a personalised area is paramount. What better way to incorporate it than within the design of your dressing room? Our team of architects, envisioned the Ensio wardrobe in feather grey , adorned with parasol handles in brass, precisely with this purpose – to curate an unparalleled experience even within the confines of a bedroom. It's not just about storage; it's about crafting a sanctuary that caters to your individuality and personal pursuits.

A.S.Helsingo Ensiö wardrobe in Feather Grey with Parasol handles in Brass

A.S.Helsingö Ensiö wardrobe in Feather Grey and Parasol handles in Brass 



A Build-in library

Addressing the challenge of space-consuming shelves, nightstands, or bedside tables, our  team of architects introduces the VASS wardrobe in Sunday Greige. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this wardrobe is designed with functionality at its core. For avid book lovers, it offers a unique solution – the ability to read and enjoy privacy by simply closing the curtains. The VASS wardrobe is a testament to the seamless integration of style and practicality, providing a space-efficient and private haven for those who cherish both aesthetics and functionality.

A.S.Helsingo VASS wardrobe in Sunday Greige bedroom

 A.S. Helsingö Vass wardrobe with Novel handles 


Smart and Subtle: Navigating the Nightstand Conundrum

Navigating the challenges of nightstands requires a delicate balance – compact yet clever, discreet yet far from insignificant. Our architects artfully designed solution. Begin with an Ikea kitchen cabinet and envelop it with an Ivory Beige wood front, seamlessly creating closed storage. This not only accommodates books but provides space for personal items, solving the perennial struggle of bedside clutter.

Enhance the aesthetic appeal with a Candy spotty white and storm grey handle, accompanied by a pair of Candle high aluminium feet. The result is an inventive wall module with a timeless look, ready to be framed by a graphic play of colours. Our architects design transforms the nightstand into a functional and visually striking element in your space.

A.S.Helsingo Ingaro Sideboard Frame in Ivory Beige

 A.S. Helsingö Ingarö sideboard in Ivory Beige with Carrara marble worktop