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    Frequently asked questions

    The delivery time for our handles is approximately seven business days from the order date. However, if you order a kitchen, wardrobe or sideboard, all elements of your fixtures or furniture are delivered simultaneously. In this case, the delivery time is approximately 5-7 weeks from the order date.

    The handles always come with mounting instructions. In the instructions, you'll find our recommendation for the placement of the knobs. However, since there aren't any pre-drilled holes in the doors, you can choose the spot freely according to your preference.

    Typically, the handles are installed in the direction you open the doors. However, you can also install the doorknobs in the centre of the doors – it's simply a matter of taste and style you wish to achieve. 

    Drilling the holes  

    If you drill the holes yourself, we recommend placing a piece of wood behind the front to prevent the backside from chipping. 

    Installation video

    You can see step-by-step instructions on installing handles from our sideboard assembly video. The same technique applies whether you're installing handles to kitchen cabinets, wardrobe fronts or sideboard fronts.

    There aren’t pre-drilled holes, so you can install the handles where you think they look best.

    We think materials that age naturally are beautiful, which is why we leave our brass and copper handles untreated, and they develop a patina over time. However, if you want to clean your handles, you can polish them with a metal polish, which you can buy at your local hardware store.

    There are many great options available if you don’t want handles. You can choose between our push-open mechanism, extra-long doors, and Samsö doors. 

    The push-open mechanism is installed inside the doors, giving you a very sleek look. You open and close the doors by gently pressing on them. 

    Another good choice is our extra-long doors in the Ingarö model. The doors are meant for upper wall cabinets and are 5 cm longer than the frame from the lower side. The extra length allows them to work as handleless kitchen doors, but they also cover lights and power sockets.

    The third option is our elegant Samsö model that has integrated handles. 

    IKEA also has push-to-open drawers that work the same way as our push-open mechanism.