Make your sideboard stand out by choosing handcrafted legs. All of our collection’s legs are carved from solid metals by artisans with decades of experience.

    Legs for sideboards

    Give your furniture style and character by adding handmade legs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The delivery time for our furniture legs is approximately seven business days from the order date. However, if you order a kitchen, wardrobe or sideboard, all elements of your fixtures or furniture are delivered simultaneously. In this case, the delivery time is approximately 7-8 weeks from the order date.

    Our furniture legs always come with mounting instructions. In the instructions, you'll find our recommendation for the placement of the legs but you can also choose to install them where you think they look best.

    Kindly also note that you need to mount the furniture to the wall for safety reasons.

    We think materials that age naturally are beautiful, which is why we leave our brass and copper legs untreated, similarly to our handles. For this reason, they develop a patina over time. However, as you don't touch legs as often as handles, the patina doesn't form the same way in the legs as in doorknobs. If you want to clean the legs, you can polish them with a metal polish, which you can buy from your local hardware store.

    You can absolutely install our furniture legs on other pieces of furniture that aren't from us. However, kindly note that you need to mount the furniture to the wall for safety reasons.