2. Painting

How to paint a wall

7 steps to a beautiful finish

Step 1

Prepare the surfaces and mouldings to be painted by cleaning them. Protect floors with protective paper and carefully mask the mouldings and wall edges of the area to be painted. Also mask around sockets and light switches.

Step 2

Mix the paint thoroughly with a wooden spatula and then pour the paint into the paint tray.

Step 3

Start by painting the masked edges with a paint brush. Also paint around sockets and light switches.

Step 4

Paint the rest of the wall with a roller from top to bottom, one strip at a time.  Dip the roller in the deep end of the paint ray and roll the excess paint off on the front of the tray.  This prevents paint from spattering on the floor and makes for a smooth finish.  The roller doesn’t need to be completely submerged in the paint tray.

Step 5

Leave the surface to dry for 1-2 hours before painting a second coat.

Step 6

Paint the wall again in the same way.

Step 7

Remove the tape while the wall is still damp. It comes off easily at a 45-degree angle. The paint dries in a few hours, but we recommend that you don’t put up any wall hangings until the following day. 

3. Care & maintenance

How to clean
your painting supplies?