Wardrobe door shopping made easy. Choose your wardrobe, our shop lists the doors and cover panels.

Forget guessing door sizes. Our shop instantly lists both the A.S.Helsingö and the IKEA items needed for your wardrobe.

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How it works – step by step

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1. Shop A.S.Helsingö

Explore our collection, select your wardrobe using our configurator. Upon ordering, you'll get an IKEA item list for your wardrobe.

IKEA PAX wardrobe cabinet frames and organiser

2. Shop IKEA

Buy your IKEA items using the list we provided. Don't forget to choose your organizers independently.

A.S.Helsingö Lalax wardrobe in ash green colour with Ikea Pax frame inside

3. Assemble your wardrobe

Install the A.S.Helsingö wardrobe using our guide and the IKEA PAX instructions. Our doors come pre-drilled for IKEA's hinges.

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A.S.Helsingö wardrobe with Ikea Pax frame anatomy
IKEA cabinet frames and organisers
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What our customers say


I first ordered our kitchen online and later a storage furniture. Both are still in excellent condition after hard use. Great value. Very pleased!


We had to customize several storage space solutions and two kitchens to fit our apartment. Here, the Helsingö staff, and above all their professionalism and service attitude, made a big impression on us. Despite changes along the way, they continued to serve the customer until the end and wanted to help and find solutions that worked for us.


Really good and quick service and the materials seem to be of high quality and durable. It remains to be seen whether there will be anything to point out in the coming years, but I am confident that nothing special will appear.


Beautiful wardrobe from A.S.Helsingö. We are very satisfied.


I recently got an A.S.Helsingö wardrobe and it surpassed all my expectations. The customization process was easy and I could choose the perfect style, size, and finishes for my space.

A.S.Helsingö Ensiö built-in wardrobe
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A.S.Helsingö wardrobe Ensiö in ivory beige colour in bedroomA.S.Helsingö wardrobe Ensiö in ivory beige colour in bedroom


A.S.Helsingo Lalax Ash Green wardrobe in living roomA.S.Helsingo Lalax wardrobe in ivory beige colour in bedroom


A.S.Helsingo Vass wardrobe in dusty rose colour with Ikea Pax frame in bedroomA.S.Helsingo Vass wardrobe in dusty rose colour with Ikea Pax frame in bedroom
A.S.Helsingö Ingarö wardrobe in linen brown with novel handles in aluminiumA.S.Helsingö Ingarö wardrobe in linen brown with novel handles in aluminium


A.S.Helsingö Samsö wardrobe in natural oak in living roomA.S.Helsingö Samsö wardrobe in natural oak in living room


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A.S.Helsingö colour samples box for kitchens, wardrobes, sideboard, bathrooms


We deliver to all EU countries (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden) as well as Norway and Switzerland. In addition, we ship our handles also to the United States and Canada.

The delivery time for our made-to-order products (doors and cover panels) is 5-7 weeks. The handles for the wardrobe are included in the same shipment.

Unfortunately, we cannot give you an exact delivery date in advance. When your order is ready for dispatch you will be contacted by one of our logistics partners.

A.S.Helsingö wardrobes are built on IKEA PAX cabinet frames. Therefore, you need to buy the frame, hinges and interior fittings from IKEA. From us, you'll buy all the visible parts for your wardrobe. 

When you buy your wardrobe from our online shop, you'll automatically receive a shopping list of all the needed IKEA parts together with your order confirmation. Kindly note that the list doesn't include the interior fittings.

If you plan a custom solution at IKEA, the IKEA products list is included in your IKEA plan.

Style: Plain 
When you buy a wardrobe in style “Plain”, you can choose a 50 cm or 100 cm wide PAX frame from IKEA. The 100 cm wide frame is listed automatically on the shopping list you receive from us with your order confirmation, but you can select the 50 cm wide frame instead.

Style: Spacer panel
For wardrobes with spacer panels, the frames are always 50 cm wide. 

You can check the style of your wardrobe from your order confirmation.

Assembling A.S.Helsingö free standing wardrobes is easy when you follow the mounting instructions that come with the product. Download mounting instruction based on model below.

Ingarö, Samsö, Ensiö - installation instructions

Lalax - installation instructions

VASS - installation instructions

Kindly note that our assembly instructions are style specific, not model specific. You'll find the style of your wardrobe from your order confirmation.