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Ingarö | Frame

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Ingarö | Frame

+ €123IKEA

The Ingarö vanity is a versatile option for any space. The style choice Frame means that there is paneling around the vanity but not between the doors.

It's built on IKEA METOD cabinet frames, which you purchase separately from IKEA. You will receive a shopping list of the needed IKEA products for this furniture when purchasing this furniture.

60 x 60 x 40
Color Thermal Grey

Model: Ingarö
Style: Frame
Colour: Thermal Grey
Worktop: Coral Clay
Sink: Lake
Tap: Evo 180 Chrome
Handle: Parasol Aluminium
Width: 64cm
Height: 64cm
Depth: 40cm

The bathroom furniture is built on top of IKEA Metod cabinet frames, which are bought separately from IKEA. You will receive a shopping list of the needed IKEA products (frames, hinges and drawers) to your e-mail together with the order confirmation.

The delivery time for our bathroom products is normally 5-7 weeks.

As all our doors and panels are made to order, we confirm the exact delivery time when your order is completed and ready to be shipped. We ship all the products in same shipment to avoid extra hazzle with multiple orders.

You will receive the installation instructions for your A.S.Helsingö bathroom furniture as part of the product delivery. If the installation instructions are missing, you can also download them digitally from here.

Ingarö, Samsö, Ensiö - installation instructions

We always recommend using a professional for the installation of our products to achieve the best possible result.

Please note that IKEA parts should always be installed according to the installation instructions for IKEA products.

Please contact our customer service if you have any questions regarding the installation.

Local craftsmanship

Excellence in the details

Unique handles

Handmade in genuine materials

Handpicked worktops

A timeless expression

Artisanal washbasins

Sculptural forms

Minimalist taps

Tried and tested


Our architects have designed the bathroom vanities in a way that everything fits perfectly together so that you do not need to find and buy products separately from multiple locations. Hence, we always sell our vanities as complete sets including tap, sink and stonetop

A.S.Helsingö bathroom vanities always come with a tap connector, a water trap and a strainer that fit into our products. However, as every bathroom is unique, you might need to supplement the vanity with additional pipe connectors. You can get these from your licensed plumber who you need to hire in order for the standard warranty on your bathroom vanity to apply.

Our bathroom vanities fulfill all the current bathroom standards. However, the bathroom vanities should not be placed in direct contact with water. To avoid moisture penetrating any joints, you should always place your bathroom vanity at a sufficient distance from your shower, bathtub etc. to prevent them from splashing water. If your bathroom vanity gets wet, it should be immediately wipedried with a dry cloth.

It is also very important that you have a proper air conditioning that controls the humidity in your bathroom so that it maintains an approved level. Too high humidity can expose your bathroom furniture to stresses that are not considered to fall within our recommendations.

IKEA currently recommends METOD frames for kitchens and utility rooms. However, we know that frames similar to METOD frames are used by many other players in the industry, which is why they are also suitable for bathrooms.

However, as with all bathroom furniture, our bathroom furniture should be installed at a sufficient distance from the shower, bath, etc., so that water does not repeatedly splash on them. If the product gets wet, it must be dried immediately. By following our installation and care instructions, our bathroom furniture meet the same standards as many other product in the industry.

We always recommend to use authorised service provider and licensed plumber to perform the installation of your products so that general product warranties apply. You will get detailed installation guides for the bathroom vanity with your order. If you have lost it, no problem, you can find the installation guide also here.



Great customer service, quick response and availability. Good price and offering


The beauty of the colors. You cannot go wrong with any of the options.


Very good service and product.


The design looks great! Simple Scandinavian elegance!


The quality and customer service were great. Really unique selection.