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Samsö Spacer Panel


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Samsö Spacer Panel

Samsö’s clean lines and seamlessly integrated handles create a modern look fit for any interior style. A sleek design statement, Samsö wardrobe is equally at home both in old and contemporary homes. We build our wardrobes on top of IKEA Pax cabinet frames.
210 x 203 x 60
Color Ivory Beige

Customize your own wardrobe by colour, size or by adding handles in our design tool. There are almost endless design combinations to choose from!

Our wardrobes are produced in the Finnish Lake District, using high-quality materials and traditional handcrafting methods. Our wardrobes are available in MDF, walnut veneer, and oak veneer. The MDF doors are spray-painted several times in order to create the soft matte finishing which A.S.Helsingö is known for.

The wardrobe is built on top of IKEA PAX cabinet frames, which are bought separately from IKEA. You will receive a shopping list of the needed IKEA products to your e-mail together with the order confirmation.

The delivery time for our made-to-order products (doors, sides and plinths) is normally 5-7 weeks.

All our products are made to order. When your products are ready to be shipped, our logistics partner will contact you to agree on an exact delivery time.

You will receive the installation instructions for your A.S.Helsingö wardrobe as part of the product delivery. If the installation instructions are missing, you can also download them digitally from here.

Ingarö, Samsö, Ensiö - installation instructions

Lalax - installation instructions

VASS - installation instructions

We always recommend using a professional for the installation of our products to achieve the best possible result.

Please note that IKEA parts should always be installed according to the installation instructions for IKEA products.

Please contact our customer service if you have any questions regarding the installation.

IKEA frames inside

Superior value
A.S.Helsingö wardrobe with Ikea Pax frame anatomy

Made in the Finnish Lake District