1. Preparation

How to prepare
your painting project?

How much paint do I need?

Once you’ve found the perfect shade for your space with Milieu paints, it’s time to estimate the surface area you’re going to paint. One 4-litre pot is enough for one coat of paint for about 30-40 square metres.  Normally, two coats are needed to achieve a perfect finish, in which case you need to multiply the area to be painted by two to get the amount of paint needed for two coats.

Do I need a primer?

Primers are usually only used when treating new surfaces for the first time. You can safely paint a new colour on top of an old one without having to apply a separate primer.

What tools do I need?

You’ll need a roller, an extension arm, a paintbrush, a roll of tape, a paint roller and some protective paper or newspaper.  To make painting as effortless as possible and to achieve a beautiful finish, we’ve put together The Essentials Kit, a set of quality painting tools.

Have fun!

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2. Painting

How to paint a wall?