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025 Baltic Blue

Interior Paint

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025 Baltic Blue

Mid warm blue

Baltic Blue is a warm mid blue that is beautiful as an accent colour in the ceiling or on the lower half of a two-tone wall. Perfect to combine with brown shades.

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Milieu is a next-generation indoor paint with only trace amounts of synthetic preservatives. Certified by the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation. 

Low emissions
The VOC emissions of the Milieu paint are below 1g/l, which is significantly lower than the EU regulations' Low VOC limit of 30 g/l.

Minimal synthetic preservatives
Milieu relies on a natural preservation process rather than added synthetic preservatives. The paint however contains trace amounts of preservatives from the tinting paste. Nearly odourless and certified by the Finnish Asthma and Allergy Federation. The paint is also M1 classified.

Long-lasting Milieu-signature matt surface
Milieu paints have an opaque and a beautiful super matte surface (5%), which guarantees long-lasting and beautiful colors in different lights and spaces.

Easy to wash
The paint is 100% water based. It is easy to wash and recycle the paint and the painting tools.

Colour samples painted with real paint
Our adhesive color samples make it easier to choose the right shade. Sample colors in different lighting and spaces. The swatches are painted with real Milieu paint, so you can be sure that the shades look just as beautiful on the painted surface.

Milieu paints are suitable for painting interior walls and ceiling. The paint can be used on board, wallpaper, plaster and concrete surfaces.

The painted surface must be clean and dry, temperature above +5 ℃. Milieu paints are self-priming and hence no separate primer is required. The paint can be rolled, brushed or sprayed. Paint 1-2 coats. Stir well before use. The paint is dust dry in ½ hour and can be repainted after 2 hours.

Technical information
The capacity of Milieu paint is c. 30-40 m² per can. The paint is water-based and fully matt (Gloss Group 6). The paint contains only trace amounts of chemical additives and preservatives.

Cleaning of tools
Because Milieu paint is water-based, you can wash all your tools with soap and water.

Paint storage
Milieu paint needs to be stored in dry and cool environment. Do not freeze. The paint lasts unopened for a year.

Recycle clean and dry paint cans as metal waste. Store and reuse the remaining paint. Take excess liquid paint to a hazardous waste collection.

To learn more about Milieu paint and its ingredients, you can request our safety data sheet by contacting 

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